Semen Sires

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DOB: May / June 2021 drop
Sire: Poll Boonoke 160612 x JCS120102
Dam: Poll Boonoke 180487 x PB150026
Poll/Horn: PH
2022 Testing: FD 20.2 SD 2.8 CV 13.9 CF 99.9
EMD 39.5 Fat 6.0
BWt (16 mths): 117.5 kg
Stud Master: A square, compact, medium framed sire with straight topline and meaty back end. He has a dry, clean poll and a pure muzzle. His high quality, gutsy medium wool is well aligned, soft and nourished. The best wool sheep by PB16012.
SG ID: 6000012021210079


DOB: May / June 2021 drop
Sire: Willandra Poll 170018 x WP150422
Dam: Poll Boonoke 130050 x WP110003
Poll/Horn: PP
2022 Testing: FD 19.5 SD 2.6 CV 13.3 CF 99.9
EMD 42.5 Fat 6.5
BWt (16 mths): 129.5 kg
Stud Master: A tall sire with exceptional length of body and a deep side coupled with a great underline and excellent belly wool. He has a pure poll and a long, clean muzzle. His heavy cutting wool is a bold medium with length of staple showing nourishment and well defined crimp.
SG ID: 6000012021211016


DOB: May / June 2021 drop
Sire: Moorundie 190008 x NE73
Dam: Poll Boonoke 191317 x WIL170018
Poll/Horn: PP
2022 Testing: FD 20.1 SD 2.6 CV 12.9 CF 99.8
EMD 44.0 Fat 8.0
BWt (16 mths): 134.0 kg
Stud Master: A big plain bodied sire with excellent conformation; he has a broad straight back, stands squarely on all feet and has a sirey, pure head. His medium wool is white, stylish, soft handling and has length of staple. A modern Poll Merino and true dual purpose sire showing a balance of wool and carcase traits.
Champion Australian Merino All Purpose Ram at 2022 Australian Sheep & Wool Show.
SG ID: 6000012021211143


DOB: May / June 2020 drop
Sire: Wanganella 180380
2021 Testing: FD 20.4 SD 2.5 CV 12.3 CF 99.7
EMD 43.5 Fat 6.5
BWt (16 mths): 140.0 kg
Stud Master: W200383 has a masculine, sirey head. He is a heavy set, big framed ram. His bold medium wool is free growing and soft.
SG ID: 5000832020200231


DOB: May / June 2020 drop
Sire: Poll Boonoke 160536
Dam: Poll Boonoke 170445 x PB150026
Poll/Horn: PP
2021 Testing: FD 19.6 SD 3.0 CV 15.3 CF 99.6
EMD 38.5 Fat 6.5
BWt (16 mths): 118.5 kg
Stud Master: An ET bred son of PB160536 out of PB170445 by PB150026. This compact, dual purpose style sire has good confirmation and bone, a dry poll and a soft, pure muzzle. His good supple skin is producing a soft, waxy, bold medium wool.
SG ID: 6000012020200154


DOB: May / June 2020 drop
Sire: White River 160546 x N L134
Dam: Poll Boonoke 130023 x WP110003
Poll/Horn: PP
2021 Testing: FD 20.2 SD 3.0 CV 14.9 CF 99.8
EMD 51.5 Fat 9.0
BWt (16 mths): 126.5 kg
Stud Master: A full ET brother to PB180874 (the 2019 Australian Merino All Purpose Ram at Bendigo & Riverina Ram of the Year), PB200780 is an outstanding dual purpose ram. He has a striking sirey outlook with a broad muzzle and a silky, dry poll. He shows great stretch of body and is a well balanced, upstanding sire. He has a rich, loose skin with bright white, soft, true medium wool with excellent length.
Supreme Australian Merino Ram 2022.
SG ID: 6000012020200780


DOB: May / June 2019 drop
Sire: Wanganella 160706
2020 Testing: FD 20.5 SD 3.3 CV 16.1 CF 99.8
Stud Master: Wanganella 190163 traces his breeding back to outstanding Wanganella sire 100019. He has a pure muzzle and eyes. W190163 stands well and is very square on his feet. He has a well shaped frame with a deep barrel and length of body; and is a very square ram with a good top line. His fleece is an excellent sire’s wool on a rich skin; the crimp is well aligned and his gutsy medium wool has style and softness.
SG ID: 5000832019190163


DOB: May / June 2019 drop
Sire: Wanganella 170470
2020 Testing: FD 17.4 SD 3.1 CV 17.8 CF 99.7
Stud Master: Wanganella 190305 is a grandson of proven Wanganella sire 130844. He has a very pure sirey head. W190305 is a barrely ram with a great topline and wide hocks. His dense bold medium wool features lock structure and softness.
SG ID: 5000832019190305


DOB: May / June 2018 drop
Sire: Greenfields 160001
2020 Testing: FD 17.2 SD 3.5 CV 20.3 CF 99.6
Stud Master: Wanganella 190581 is an AI bred ram sired by Greenfields 160001. He has a great outlook with well covered head featuring a wide horn setting and a pure face. A square, plain bodied ram with wool right down to his points, PB190581 has good bone and a straight top line. His white, medium, crimpy wool is well nourished, stylish and soft.
SG ID: 5000832019190581


DOB: May / June 2019 drop
Sire: Willandra Poll 170018
Dam: Poll Boonoke 130050 x WP110003
2020 Testing: FD 21.2 SD 3.2 CV 15.1 CF 99.5
Stud Master: Poll Boonoke 190084 is an ET bred son of Willandra Poll 170018. He has a pure face and eyes, and a long muzzle. A plain bodied, well shaped ram, he has a straight topline with extra width across the loin and an ideal square behind. PB190084 has tremendous length of staple and bright, shafty wool on a productive skin. He is a bold medium wool dual purpose sire.
SG ID: 6000012019190084


DOB: May / June 2019 drop
Sire: Willandra Poll 170018
2020 Testing: FD 19.7 SD 3.1 CV 15.7 CF 99.7
Poll Testing: PP
Stud Master: Poll Boonoke 190678 is an AI lamb by Willandra Poll 170018. A strong constitution, dual purpose type, he has a notable sirey outlook and his strong head is nicely covered with a good dry poll. This superb looking ram has an excellent length of body and broad back. He is very wide through the chest; and his body width and depth is outstanding. He is right up on his feet, has a solid rear and displays good width between his hocks. This ram is growing a high quality medium wool that is very even, bright and exhibits style and soft handle. Sold to Haddon Rig Poll Stud for $65,000 in 2020.
SG ID: 6000012019190678


DOB: May / June 2018 drop
Sire: Wanganella 130844 x EM137
2019 Testing: FD 21.5  SD 3.1  CV 14.4  CF 98.2
Stud Master: A deep barreled sire who stands squarely on all feet; he has a great sire’s head with wide set horns and a pure muzzle. A gutsy, rich, strong wool with lustre and nourishment. He has a wool type that is very hard to find, coupled with his exceptional wool cut.
SG ID: 5000832018180380


DOB: May / June 2018 drop
Sire: Poll Boonoke 130028 x WP110003
2019 Testing: FD 19.1 SD 3.6 CV 18.8 CF 99.0
Poll Testing: PP
Stud Master: A top sire of solid structure and growth coupled with outstanding wool production. He has a deep barrel with well set legs and a square behind; a long, clean muzzle with a silky poll head. PB180137 has all the wool attributes of a top sire; a heavy cutter with good lock structure, and a soft, lustrous, long stapled, bold medium fleece on a loose rich skin.
SG ID: 6000012018180137


DOB: May / June 2018 drop
Sire: Poll Boonoke 160536 x Poll Boonoke 130020
Dam: Poll Boonoke 130082 x WP 904
2019 Testing: FD 20.3  SD 3.0  CV 14.8  CF 99.8
Stud Master: A modern dual purpose sire with exceptional muscle depth and width. With a dry poll and pure muzzle, PB180832 is a very square sheep and stands perfectly on all feet. He is covered in a rich, soft, white wool of well aligned crimp.
SG ID: 6000012018180832


DOB: May / June 2016 drop
Sire: JCS 120102
Poll Testing: PP
2017 Testing: FD 18.9 SD 2.8 CV 14.8 CF 99.5
Stud Master: Tall sire with a broad, straight top line. He has a pure muzzle, coupled with a dry poll head. Stands squarely on all four feet. Wool is white, extremely soft with character and lustre.
SG ID: 6000012016160612