24 August 2022

Representing NSW, and up against the State Champions from Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, Poll Boonoke 200780 was judged the Australian Supreme Merino Ram on the final day of the Rabobank National Merino Sheep Show.

Poll Boonoke 200780 ‘Bill’

March 2022 Blade Shorn Shedded Poll Boonoke 2020 Drop Sire
Sire: WR160546 x N L134 Dam: PB130023 x WP110003
May 2022 Wool Test: FD 20.2 SD 3.0 CV 14.9 CF 99.8
August 2022 Scanning: EMD 51.5 mm FAT 9.0 mm
Poll Horn Test: PP
SG ID: 6000012020200780

Semen Available

PB200780 ‘Bill’ with Justin Campbell, George Sinclair, Chris Bowman, Forbes Murdoch, Tom Lilburne and Angus Munro