The overall result for the 2020 auction was:

200 AFA Auction Rams Offered, AFA Auction Rams Sold 200
Top Priced AFA Auction Ram $13,000
Average Price per AFA Auction Ram $3,494
Total Shedded AFA Rams Offered 16
Average Price per AFA Shedded Ram $8,063
Total Paddock AFA Rams Offered 184
Average Price per AFA Paddock Ram $3,096
Total Wanganella Rams Offered 60
Average Price Per Wanganella Ram $3,554
Wanganella Shedded Rams Offered 6
Average Price per Wanganella Shedded Ram $7,667
Wanganella Paddock Rams Offered 54
Average Price per Wanganella Paddock Ram $3,097
Total Poll Boonoke Rams Offered 140
Average Price per Poll Boonoke Ram $3,468
Poll Boonoke Shedded Rams Offered 10
Average Price per Poll Boonoke Ram $8,300
Poll Boonoke Paddock Rams Offered 130
Average Price per Poll Boonoke Ram $3,096

The Principals and Management of the Wanganella & Poll Boonoke Studs would like to thank all the successful Buyers and Underbidders, and their Advisers, for their support at our 2020 Auction. We appreciate your business, your confidence in our genetics and your enthusiasm for Merino breeding.

The top priced auction ram was Lot 13, W190385 by W170470, purchased by the Willandra Merino Stud at Jerilderie for $13,000 having been identified at the AFA Stud Open Day by Ross Wells and Angus Heath as a potential sire as he was a “… true dual purpose sheep, with wool and a big rear end.” The Woolkabin Stud at Katanning, WA purchased Lot 12, W192250 by W170084, for $12,000 and the Kiawarra Stud at Weethalle, NSW purchased Lot 11, W190304 by W170470, for $10,000. The top priced Wanganella paddock ram went to HW & EJ Rowling at Ungarie, who went to $11,000 to acquire Lot 17, W190951 who can trace his pedigree back to the successful Wanganella Sire W100019.

For the Poll Boonoke Stud, a top price of $12,000 was achieved twice. Firstly, with Lot 1 PB190058, an ET bred son of PB130028 and a full brother to the ram purchased in 2019 for $70,000, who was purchased by GR Mulligan& Co at Clare, SA. Then again with Lot 6, PB190044 by Willandra Poll 170018, one of two rams purchased by Almondvale Stud, Urana, NSW. Almondvale also purchased PB191348 by PB170440 for $11,000. Windarra Partners, Hillston, NSW and D & KC Noakes, Bedgerebong, NSW both paid $10,000 for their ram selection, PB190098 by PB130028 going home to Hillston and PB190205 by PB150338 going to Bedgerebong. The top priced Poll Boonoke paddock ram, PB190040 by PB13002, was purchased by Banyandah Pastoral Co at Moulamein, NSW.

Private ram selections of flock grade rams are available by appointment. Please contact the Stud Team to make arrangements.

LOT 13 – WANGANELLA 190385 x Wanganella 170470
FD 19.6, SD 3.3, CV 16.8, CF 99.6, EMD 41.5. FAT 5.5
SG ID 5000832019190385
Sold for $13,000 to the Willandra Merino Stud, Jerilderie, NSW. Photographed with Chris Bowman, Ross Wells (Willandra), Alastair Provan and Joe Gerritsen

LOT 6 – POLL BOONOKE 190044 x Willandra 170018
FD 20.9, SD 3.4, CV 16.3, CF 99.3, EMD 46.5, FAT 7.0, PP
SG ID 6000012019190044
LOT 10 – POLL BOONOKE 191348 x Poll Boonoke 170440
FD 19.9, SD 3.5, CV 17.6, CF 98.7, EMD 42.5, FAT 5.5, PP
SG ID 6000012019191348
Sold for $12,000 and $11,000 to the Almondvale Poll Merino Stud, Urana, NSW. Photographed with Alastair Provan, Paul Routley (Almondvale), Peter Routley (Almondvale), Joe Gerritsen and Stephen Chalmers (Nutrien).

LOT 1 – POLL BOONOKE 190058 x Poll Boonoke 130028
FD 17.0, SD 3.7, CV 21.8, CF 99.2, EMD 40.0, FAT 5.0, PP
SD ID 6000012019190058
Sold for $12,000 to GR Mullighan & Co, Clare, SA. Photographed with Chris Bowman, Alastair Provan and Joe Gerrtsen.

LOT 12 – WANGANELLA 192250 x Wanganella 170084
FD 19.6, SD 2.9, CV 14.8, CF 99.8, EMD 39.0, FAT 5.5
SG ID 5000832019192250
Sold for $12,000 to Woolkabin Merino Stud, Katanning, WA. Photographed with Justin Campbell, Forbes Murdoch and Lachie Barrett.

LOT 11 – WANGANELLA 190304 x Wanganella 170470
FD 20.4, SD 3.6, CV 17.6, CF 99.1, EMD 37.5, FAT 5.5
SG ID 5000832019190304
Sold for $10,000 to Kiawarra Merino Stud, Weethalle, NSW. Photographed with Alex Karsten (Kiawarra) and Angus Munro.