2020 is challenging our ability to present our 2019 drop rams to our clients and the industry via our customary attendance at Merino events in the lead up to the ram selling season. Mid July would traditionally have seen us taking a selection of rams to Bendigo to show and display at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show.

In lieu of this cancelled event, the Wanganella and Poll Boonoke Studs are pleased to present a virtual display of a selection of our shedded 2019 drop March regulation blade shorn rams. These are the rams that we would have taken to Bendigo. Our July Virtual Ram Display videos include a general overview of the rams, which is as you would have seen them in their pens at Bendigo, as well as an individual video for each ram in which we have tried to replicate your inspection of them.

The videos can be accessed on the Wanganella Poll Boonoke YouTube channel via this link:


(The videos are best viewed in HD when viewing on a computer, which can you adjust in the settings at the bottom right of the clip.)

We are conscious that a video of our rams cannot replace your own scrutiny, so we invite you to contact one of our Stud Team or the Boonoke Office to arrange an appointment to conduct your own inspection at Boonoke.