Poll Boonoke 170341, 170440 and 170759
were successful in winning the
Dual Purpose – Pen of Three Ram Weaners
Ian Lilburne Sheep Classing Trophy

PB170341 PP x PB150026
FD 18.7 SD 2.6 CV 13.9 CF 99.7

PB170440 PP x PB150026
FD 19.0 SD 3..0 CV 15.8 CF 99.7

PB170759 PP x PB150338
FD 18.2 SD 2.8 CV 15.4 CF 99.6

Photographed with the winning trio from left to right are Justin Campbell, Shannon Mitchell, Allex Doidge and Tom Lilburne

Poll Boonoke 160536

PB160536 x PB130020

FD 18.7 SD 2.9 CV 15.5 CF 99.6

1st – Medium Wool, March Shorn Ram, 4 tooth
Champion Medium Wool, March Shorn Ram
Reserve Champion March Shorn Ram

Photographed with Shannon Mitchell