Withdrawn from the Adelaide Ram Sale due to travel restrictions, a private sale of $65,000 was negotiated for the Haddon Rig Poll Stud to acquire PB190678 in the lead up to the AFA on property ram auction. Having seen PB190678 at the Dubbo National Ram Sale & Exhibition, the Haddon Rig Stud management group were impressed by his scale, correctness and soft handling medium fleece; considering the ram to be a good fit with the Haddon Rig type and a strategic introduction for their Poll Stud.

Commenting on the sale, AFA GM Justin Campbell said “The make and shape of PB190678 meant we were inclined to retain him in our sire group when we couldn’t go to Adelaide with him. However, the Haddon Rig offer recognised his potential as a true dual purpose Merino sire and we are pleased to continue the link between the Poll Boonoke and Haddon Rig Poll Studs.”

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Poll Boonoke 190678

SG ID 6000012019190678

Willandra Poll 170018

Fleece Measurements – Side Sample 10 June 2020:
FD 19.7, SD 3.1, CV 15.7, CF 99.7

Body Weight – 12 September 2020:
140.0 kg

Performance Measurements – 17 August 2020:
EMD 43.5 mm, Fat 6.5 mm

Poll/Horn Test:

Photographed with PB190678 are:
Justin Campbell (AFA GM), Andy Maclean (Haddon Rig Manager), Stuart Murdoch (Haddon Rig Classer), Forbes Murdoch (AFA Stud Master), Joe Gerritsen (AFA Stud Manager).