The Principals and Management of the Wanganella and Poll Boonoke Merino Studs would like to thank all of the successful Buyers and Underbidders, and their Advisers, for their support at our 2019 Auction. We appreciate the confidence you have shown in our Merino genetics and look forward to continuing to work with you in your breeding business.

Hitting the top price of $26,000 twice in succession for the Poll Boonoke rams offered as Lot 1 and Lot 2 set the tone for an exceptional sale for the Wanganella and Poll Boonoke Studs.

At a time when we know many committed breeders and long time clients have been forced to reduce/disperse their flocks, we appreciate the support offered with 75 on site registrations and an additional 36 on AuctionsPlus. We thank our long standing clients for their custom and welcome the 7 new buyers who purchased at the auction. We are also gratified that 14 studs opted to source genetics at the Wanganella and Poll Boonoke Studs.

The overall result for the 2019 auction was:

189 rams sold from the 190 offered.
Auction top price of $26,000.
Average auction price for 189 rams was $3,673.
19 Shedded rams averaged $11,211.
170 Paddock rams averaged $2,831.

Wanganella auction top price of $18,000.
Wanganella average auction price for 59 rams was $3,131.
8 Shedded Wanganella rams averaged $6,875.
51 Paddock Wanganella rams averaged $2,544.

Poll Boonoke auction top price of $26,000.
Poll Boonoke average auction price for 130 rams was $3,919.
11 Shedded Poll Boonoke rams averaged $14,364.
119 Paddock Poll Boonoke rams averaged $2,954.

Lot 1, PB180142 by PB130028, was purchased in conjunction by Western Australian studs Wiringa Park at Nyabing and Woodyarrup at Broomehill for $26,000. Then South Australian stud Collandra North at Tumby Bay also went to $26,000 to secure Lot 2, PB180271 x PB140948. The third Poll Boonoke ram, PB180823 x PB160536, will stay in NSW at the Castlebrook Stud, at Uralla who purchased him for $20,000. Lot 4 was again a co-operative purchase with the Winyar Stud, Canowindra, NSW and The Yanko Stud, Jerilderie, NSW spending $17,000 to secure PB180147 x PB130028. The Haddon Rig Stud at Marthaguy, NSW purchased Lot 5, PB180136 x PB130028, and Lot 8, PB180360 x PB150009, for $22,000 and $21,000. Haddon Rig also took home Lot 77 and Lot 109, two paddock run sons of WR160546 for $8,000 and $4,500.

Lot 12, the top priced Wanganella ram W180789 x W151992 at $18,000, went to the Cora Lynn Stud at Peak Hill, NSW. Lot 13, W180003 x W130750, was purchased by Donnelly Pastoral Company at Condobolin for $4,000. The Woolkabin Stud, Katanning, WA purchased Lot 14, W180004 x W130750, for $10,000 and also secured Lot 21, W180747 x W151992, for $4,000. The Kiawarra Stud, Weethalle, NSW went to $6,000 for both Lot 15, W180382 x W130844, and Lot 16, W181040 x W140271 Syn.

Private ram selections of flock grade rams are available by appointment. Please contact the Stud Team to make arrangements.

Lot 1 – Poll Boonoke 180142 x PB130028
FD 20.8, SD 3.8. CV 18.0, CF 99.0, MP+ 162, DP+ 158
Purchased for equal auction top price of $26,000 in conjunction by
Wiringa Park Stud, Nyabing, WA and Woodyarrup Stud, Broomehill, WA

Lot 2 – Poll Boonoke 180271 x PB140948
FD 19.6, SD 2.9, CV 14.8, CF 99.8, MP+ 174, DP+ 168
Purchased for equal auction top price of $26,000 by
Collandra North Poll Stud, Tumby Bay, SA

Lot 3 – Poll Boonoke 180823 x PB160536
FD 19.7, SD 3.1, CV 15.7, CF 99.7, MP+ 157, DP+ 151
Purchased for $20,000 by
Castlebrook Poll Stud, Uralla, NSW

Lot 4 – Poll Boonoke 180147 x PB130028
FD 20.3, SD 4.4, CV 21.7, CF 97.5, MP+ 166, DP+ 159
Purchased for $17,000 in conjunction by
Winyar Stud, Canowindra, NSW and The Yanko Stud, Jerilderie, NSW.

Lot 5 – Poll Boonoke 180136 x PB130028
FD 18.5, SD 3.1, CV 16.8, CF 99.8, MP+ 150, DP+ 145

Lot 8 – Poll Boonoke 180360 x PB150009
FD 19.5, SD 3.2, CV 16.4, CF 99.8, MP+ 166, DP+ 169

Purchased for $22,000 and $21,000 by
the Haddon Rig Poll Stud, Marthaguy, NSW

Lot 12 – Wanganella 180789 x W151992
FD 21.2, SD 3.2, CV 15.1, CF 99.3, MP+ 141, DP+ 142
Purchased for Wanganella top price of $18,000 by
the Cora Lynn Merino Stud, Peak Hill, NSW

Lot 18 – Wanganella 180001 x W130750
FD 18.8, SD 2.8, CV 14.9, CF 99.8, MP+ 154, DP+ 147
Purchased for $4,000 by
Longdale Park Stud, Berrimal, VIC